Mountaineer Shehroze's ‘incredible journey’ continues

The 21-year-old is one of the most accomplished young mountaineers in the world

March 07, 2024
Pakistani Mountaineer Shehroze Kashif poses for a picture. — X/@Shehrozekashif2/File

KARACHI: Naturalist John Muir once famously said: “the mountains are calling and I must go.” The mountains also called a young Shehroze Kashif and he answered, just like Muir did. Time and again.

And today the 21-year-old is one of the most accomplished young mountaineers in the world, having already scaled 13 of the 14 highest peaks in the world. As Shehroze plans to summit the 14th peak next month, his heroics were celebrated during a series of events in the city that included the Karachi premiere of his documentary “Above the Sleeping Giant” on Tuesday evening and a visit to the Kiran Foundation school on Wednesday where Shehroze was welcomed by star-struck kids like a hero.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” Shehroze told The News. His journey wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of the Bilquis and Abdul Razak Dawood (BARD) Foundation.

“I sold my car and my dad sold his plot of land to finance my expeditions. There was a time when there was little hope for me to realise my dream of conquering the 14 highest peaks but then BARD stepped in,” he said.

At the premiere, Shehroze narrated several stories about his expeditions. One of them that will be etched on his mind forever was how he was lost in bad weather after summitting the treacherous Nanga Parbat in the summer of 2022 along with fellow climber Fazal Ali. It was a miracle that both of them survived.

“There came a time we both thought it was all over. We had lost all hope,” he recalled. The documentary received applause from the audience. It is set to inspire audiences globally, sharing the triumphs and challenges of Shehroze’s record-breaking achievements, with its powerful message of perseverance, courage, and the pursuit of dreams.

“Such events are organized to highlight the success stories of our heroes and inspire the younger generation to relentlessly pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and transform aspirations into tangible realities. The names associated with the foundation have always filled us with immense pride, fueling our commitment to persistently work towards providing aid and opportunities to deserving and capable individuals,” said President BARD Foundation, Abdul Razak Dawood.

Occasions like these serve as powerful motivators for the youth, providing them with awareness about countless opportunities and the chance to learn from exceptional examples in history and around them.

Mehreen Dawood, a member of the board of directors of BARD Foundation, expressed her pride in Shehroze’s accomplishments, stating, “Shehroze has brought immense pride to the country. We are honored to be part of his journey, supporting him in his endeavors.

It’s a call to all the talented individuals facing challenges in achieving their goals; the Foundation actively seeks opportunities to uplift the younger generation, contributing to the bright future of the country.”

On Wednesday morning, Mehreen accompanied Shehroze during the visit to the Kiran Foundation school. 

“The kids there just fell in love with Shehroze. He spoke to them from the heart and they just loved it. I felt like a celebrity, just walking with him,” she said with a smile