Asif Bhatti reaches Base Camp safely after being stranded at Nanga Parbat

The climber was stuck at C4

July 06, 2023
Asif Bhatti has safely reached the Base Camp — Twitter / @SkarduTours

Pakistani mountaineer Asif Bhatti — who was stranded on Nanga Parbat due to snow blindness on Monday (July 3) — has safely arrived at Base Camp on Thursday.

The climber will be taken to Skardu by an army chopper from Nanga Parbat base camp after which he will return to Islamabad once he has obtained first care.

Bhatti was accompanied by Azerbaijan’s mountaineer named Israfyl, who helped the Pakistani reach Camp Two from Camp Four.

The ground rescue team consisting of Fazal Ali and Mohammad Younis were also present at Nanga Parbat.

It must be noted that Sajid Sadpara, Naila Kayani — who was also coordinating the rescue operations —and Hugo Oyaar could not depart from Skardu today.

Earlier on July 5, the rescue operation of Bhatti was delayed due to a rockfall at Nanga Parbat on Wednesday.

“The two volunteer climbers who went for upper slopes of NP [Nanga Parbat] last night couldn't go any further from C1 due to rockfall which started on the mountain last night,” the Karakoram Club tweeted from their official account on July 5.

“The weather seems to be getting worse and Heli [helicopter] rescue is the only hope unless a miracle happens and climbers are able to come down on their own. Prayers for everyone on the mountain and the basecamp,” it added.

The 8,126-metre Nanga Parbat, which is the ninth-highest mountain in the world, is considered dangerous due to its high fatality rate. The mountain has a daunting ascent along with the risk of unstable glaciers, avalanches and storms.

Before its first ascent in 1953, 31 people died attempting to climb the peak which is why it was nicknamed "the Killer Mountain."

The mountain is also called "the western anchor of the Himalayas." It has a 22.3% death ratio, making it the third most dangerous mountain peak in the world.

Faizan Lakhani is Deputy Editor (Sports) at Geo News.