The Rock to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40

The Tribal Chief will look to defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

By Web Desk
February 03, 2024
The Rock (L) and Roman Reigns (R) will have a face-off at WrestleMania 40. — WWE

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to face the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, at WrestleMania 40 in what is going to be the biggest match of the year so far.

Reigns is the face of WWE due to his unmatched popularity over the years while The Rock has been one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the ring.

The development was announced after Cody Rhodes won the 2024 Men's Royal Rumble match, earning him a world championship match at WrestleMania XL, Cage Side Seats reported.

Rhodes, who is only the fourth player to win two championships in a row, appeared at the Friday Night Smackdown this week to announce who he’ll be challenging for WrestleMania.

The winner of the Royal Rumble is given the honour of choosing his opponent in the Wrestlemania match.

It was highly expected that Rhodes would choose Reigns to compete against, as the latter holds the Championship, and defeating him would mean winning the title.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Rhodes said he decided against fighting Reign in this wrestling mania, after discussing it with several people.

"While I still plan on finishing the story, it won’t happen at WrestleMania. And that’s because another man is going to be there," he added.

As he announced, The Rock walked out, shook hands with Rhodes, and turned to face Reigns standing across. The audience turned wild as the two guys stepped closer to each other and engaged in a stare-down.

Every spectator in the arena was in awe of the two biggest stars sharing the same rink, and the atmosphere became electrifying.

There were numerous speculations of the two having a showdown at WrestleMania 39 which took place in April 2023 but that couldn’t happen as the plans weren’t finalised but it seems like the dream match between The Big Dog and The People’s Champion will finally happen soon.