PFF NC Chairman Haroon warns 'illegal occupants' of FIFA's wrath

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PFF NC chairman Haroon says FIFA to take action against illegal occupants / Photo: File 

Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee chairman Haroon Malik on Sunday said that FIFA would take strict action against those involved in the illegal occupation of PFF House in Lahore.

“FIFA will take strict action against those involved and we in due course will communicate whether it is a life ban or persona non grata status,” Malik said in a video message shared by PFF.

“But now as NC we will try to resolve the issue locally in order to protect Pakistan from FIFA sanctions.”

Earlier on Saturday, Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah’s group took control of PFF headquarters in a hostile takeover.

FIFA-installed NC on Sunday released a press release condemning the development. “In Pakistan, FIFA only recognises the PFF NC headed by Mr. Haroon Malik,” the statement said. “All other persons illegal occupying the PFF House in Lahore are to immediately hand over vacant possession.”

Following the incident, the PFF NC also called off the ongoing National Women Football Championship in Karachi. However, the Ashfaq Shah-led PFF later announced to resume the event.

“The NC is deeply saddened at the interruption to the 2021 National Women’s Football Championship due to the hostile takeover of the PFF,” the statement added. “It is important to note that Pakistan’s participation in any international tournaments can only be done by the FIFA recognised body, the NC headed by Mr. Malik.”

The body also confirmed that PFF NC will continue to execute the FIFA and Asian Football Confederation mandate in Pakistan which includes working towards free and fair elections leading to a smooth transition of power to the elected body.

“The NC is grateful for the overwhelming support from the football fraternity and hopes to continue its work towards building a stronger football community. As the NC, we are making maximum efforts to avoid any further consequences for Pakistan football during this dark time,” it said.

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PFF NC Chairman Haroon warns 'illegal occupants' of FIFA's wrath