PFF NC provides update about district elections

The voters will cast their votes in the district elections through WhatsApp

February 17, 2024
PFF NC Chairman Haroon Malik. - PFF

LAHORE: Set to hold the Districts Football Associations (DFAs) elections through a hybrid voting system, Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee chairman Haroon Malik on Friday said that FIFA is satisfied with this process.

The voters will cast their votes in the district elections through WhatsApp, a digital system being introduced for the first time in football elections.

“This is a hybrid process. We will executive it on ground. FIFA is satisfied with this process,” Haroon told a news conference here at the PFF headquarters.

Flanked by the NC’s senior member Shahid Niaz Khokhar, Haroon said that it is a “fair and transparent” system. Meanwhile, this correspondent learnt that NC will be able to save around Rs15 million by holding the elections through this process.

The PFF on Friday night was set to release the voting list of around 1150 clubs of the 77 districts in which elections are to be conducted in the next few days. It was learnt the voting list for the rest of the districts will be released after the completion of scrutiny process.

NC said in a written statement after the news conference that it has reached a crucial phase in its election process as the voters list for the District Football Association (DFA) elections will be shared on the PFF’s official website and social media platforms on Friday.

“The release of the list of voters on Friday will signify the culmination of extensive efforts undertaken to ensure transparency and fairness in the electoral process.” Haroon Malik emphasised the commitment to upholding meritocracy, stating that only clubs meeting the specified criteria have been granted the right to vote.

“Approximately 6000 applications were received through the Pakistan Football Connect program, with clubs undergoing rigorous scrutiny during the district championships. The criteria included 20 players, 3 officials, club constitution adherence, submission of affidavits, endorsement from district sports officers, and possessing a bank account. The clubs’ commitment to following the requirements outlined in the PFF Statute shows their dedication, with no compromises allowed on the essential requirements,” Haroon said.