Brazil Football Confederation condemns Dani Alves, Robinho over rape convictions

“This is one of the most nefarious chapters of Brazilian football,' says CBF chief

By Web Desk
March 23, 2024
Dani Alves (L) and Robinho (R) have both been condemned by the CBF. — Reuters

The President of the Brazil Football Confederation (CBF) Ednaldo Rodrigues strongly condemned Dani Alves and Robinho, former FC Barcelona and Real Madrid players respectively, after the latter was arrested by the local police in Santos.

In February 2024, Alves was found guilty of raping a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub in December 2022 and was then sentenced to four-and-a-half-year in prison. Meanwhile, Robinho was arrested in Brazil to serve his nine-year prison sentence for his sexual assault conviction in Italy going all the way back to 2017.

Rodrigues called the incidents “nefarious” chapters of Brazilian football and asked for the conviction of the culprits before urging women, who suffer from such inhumane acts, to come forward and speak against “such barbarities”.

“This is one of the most nefarious chapters of Brazilian football. It is shameful that a player would feel comfortable committing this kind of perversity, believing that what he achieved through sport will somehow protect him from any punishment,” Rodrigues said.

“The two cases, which involve players who were stars of the Brazilian national team, cannot end with the conviction of the two culprits. It is essential that the courageous attitude of the victims inspire more and more women not to remain silent in the face of such barbarities.”

While there has been no development on Robinho’s case so far since his arrest, Alves was granted bail by a Barcelona court on a €1 million (£853,000) bail.

As he has been in prison since January 2023, the Brazilian has already spent a quarter of his sentence. The decision was not unanimous due to an opposing vote from one of the judges and thus, can be appealed.

If the bail takes place, the court will take Alves’ Spanish and Brazilian passports so he cannot leave the country and will be appearing in front of the court every week. He has also been ordered by the court to not make any kind of contact with the victim.