Arm wrestlers compete in 6th edition of Super Fights in Karachi

Faizan Lakhani
Photo: Reporter

The sixth edition of Super Fights by Arm Busters League was held in Karachi on Sunday with athletes competing in nine different bouts.

Arm wrestling is a game that requires high technical skills along with muscular strength and on top of all mental toughness. The sport has become a regular feature in Pakistan in the last 15 years.

Eighteen arm wrestlers across Pakistan participated from which nine won namely Faiz Sohail, Maaz Junaidi, Taimur Qureshi, Zayan Farooqi, Abdul Wahab, Zain Mansoor, Khizar Khan, Nauman, and Asif Mehmood won their respective bouts on Sunday.

Pakistan’s first sports channel Geo Super is set to produce the first-ever broadcast of an arm-wrestling competition in Pakistan and participants feel that this will propel the sport to the next level.

“This is a very exciting moment for us. TV broadcast of the full competition will take us to new heights and attract more people to the sport. I am confident that our athletes can go to the international stage and win competitions for the country,” said Owais Butt, a renowned athlete in the arm-wrestling community.

“The sport may look a seven-minute contest but it requires months worth of hard work; it is not an easy sport. It is very different from bodybuilding. It requires a lot of training, mental toughness and focus."

Another athlete, Noman, said that if authorities began supporting arm wrestling then it could become a proper sport in the country.

“Every year we get more number of athletes participating in competitions, which is a very healthy sign,” he said.

Arm wrestlers compete in 6th edition of Super Fights in Karachi