One more Tennis star joins Rafael Nadal in retiring after this season

Former No.8 is poised to bid farewell to the sport in his homeland next year

By Web Desk
May 05, 2024
The Argentine has not yet secured a victory at tour level this year. - US Open

Diego Schwartzman has confirmed his decision to retire from professional tennis after the current season draws to a close.

The Argentine, once ranked as high as number 8 in the world, is poised to bid farewell to the sport in his homeland next year, culminating a successful 15-year career that included clinching four titles and reaching the semi-finals of the French Open.

This announcement follows similar declarations from former top-10 players Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, who appear poised to conclude their illustrious careers in the near future.

Schwartzman made public his retirement plans on Sunday, declaring that the year 2024 will mark his final full season on the tennis circuit before stepping away. The 31-year-old conveyed a heartfelt message via his Instagram account, reflecting on his journey and expressing gratitude.

The Argentine has not yet secured a victory at tour level this year, and he confessed that it was becoming challenging to find enjoyment on the court. This prompted him to decide to retire on his own terms at his home tournament next year.

"What a trip! How many moments I never imagined, how many anecdotes I never dreamed, how many people I met that helped me grow, that taught me so much, that made me a player and a much better person than anyone ever thought I would be including myself," he wrote, alongside a series of photos of his tennis journey.

"Every corner of the court, every second training, every point competing, every moment I was immensely happy. I lived it so intensely that today it's hard for me to keep up. All those beautiful moments have become something that carries weight today and I find it hard to keep enjoying fully."

"On one hand, leaving a life that gave me so much is a too difficult decision, but on the other hand, how happy I was playing tennis drives me to keep wanting to keep the smile on and off the court as I always did. However, today that smile is sometimes difficult for me to find.

"Inside me, a competitive animal prevents me from enjoying, playing and travelling like I used to. I want my last tournaments to be my own decision. Let this 2024 be that way, hopefully getting the opportunity to compete in the tournaments I enjoy the most. And in 2025, in Argentina, to be able to have my final moment, the most beautiful closure I can imagine."

Schwartzman thanked his coaches, physios, friends and family as he ended his statement with a touching tribute to the sport. "Tennis has given me everything I have and much more that I will carry with me forever," he added.

Schwartzman is the most recent player from his era to declare his retirement. Nadal appears set to conclude his career this season after spending the majority of the last two years sidelined by injuries.

While he hasn't made a firm commitment, he has indicated on several occasions that 2024 is probably his final season on tour. Additionally, Murray is intending to cease playing after this summer, with Wimbledon, the Olympics, or the US Open appearing as the most probable venues for his farewell.