Long Range Shooting Championship takes place in Jehlum

Lt. Gen Ahsan Gulrez won the FTR Long Range Trophy

February 28, 2024
A significant number of participants engaged in the competition. - Photo by author

KARACHI: The sixth Muhammad Ali Jinnah/The Chief of Army Staff Long Range Shooting Championship 2024 took place at the Army Marksman Unit (AMU) in Jehlum, which was conducted by the Pakistan Long Range Rifle Association.

A significant number of participants engaged in the competition, with Lt. Gen Ahsan Gulrez winning the FTR Long Range Trophy. Meanwhile, Mohsin Nawaz secured bronze medal at 800 yards.

In a display of exceptional marksmanship, the event showcased the elite skills of F class shooters from across the nation.

Lt. Gen. Ahsan Gulraiz clinched the prestigious gold medal, attaining a remarkable score that secured his top position in the competition. His outstanding performance exemplified dedication and proficiency.

Additionally, Mohsin Nawaz demonstrated commendable prowess in the 800-yard competition, earning a well-deserved bronze medal with a score of 73.5 V-bulls. His achievement underscored the high caliber of talent present at the championship, further solidifying Pakistan's reputation in the realm of F class shooting Sports.

The event served as a platform for honing skills but also fostered camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants. It also reflected the commitment of the armed forces and civilians to excellence in all endeavors, including competitive marksmanship.

Faizan Lakhani is Deputy Editor (Sports) at Geo News.