Pakistan Squash Federation to revise visa policy after concerns over ‘human trafficking’

PSF in the recent AGM decided to revise the criteria for visa endorsement

January 29, 2024
Pakistan squash contingent. - PSF

KARACHI: Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) will make changes to its policy for visa endorsements, The News reported on Monday.

The development comes after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) raised concerns on human trafficking with the federation.

It has been learnt that Senior Vice President of PSF during the federation’s latest annual general meeting disclosed that FIA has recently raised a case with PSF and asked for data of players and officials who have slipped during foreign tours.

PSF in the recent AGM decided to revise the criteria for visa endorsement in order to support genuine players and control human trafficking. According to the new criterion, male players within top ten and female players within top five PSF rankings will be endorsed only and only a PSF registered/qualified coach or parents/legal guardian can accompany the players while the surety bond of Rs5 million per person will have to be submitted to PSF.

Also, the submission of assurance certificate to PSF by the president of the relevant provincial squash associations and visa endorsement form (already circulated to all associations/departments) to PSF is mandatory.

On this, M Mansoor, VP Admin Punjab Squash Association, objected that once PSF receives a surety bond of Rs5 million from the individual, then issuance of assurance certificate by President of the Provincial Associations should not be mandatory.

During the AGM, Vice President Qamar Zaman suggested that PSF has to remain strict in issuance of endorsement letters for the players and officials on merit in order to address human trafficking forthwith.

Vice President Adnan Asad suggested that the cases of non-genuine squash players must be pursued through FIA to bring them back to Pakistan.