FIFA World Cup: Eto'o opens up about violent exchange with fan after Brazil-South Korea clash

The incident happened outside Stadium 974

By Web Desk
December 07, 2022

Samuel Eto'o serving as FIFA's global legacy ambassador throughout the entire tournament in Qatar. — AFP

Samuel Eto'o has opened up on a violent exchange with a fan after the FIFA World Cup 2022 round of 16 clash between Brazil and South Korea at Stadium 974 on Monday.

The Cameroonian footballing icon took to Twitter with a statement that read: "On last 5 December, after the Brazil-South Korea match, I had a violent altercation with a person who was probably an Algerian supporter.

"I would like to apologise for losing my temper and reacting in a way that does not match my personality. I apologise to the public for this unfortunate incident.

"I pledge to continue to resist the relentless provocation and daily harassment of some Algerian supporters. Indeed, since the Cameroon-Algeria match on 29 March in Blida, I have been the target of insults and allegations of cheating without any evidence."

"During this World Cup. Cameroonian fans have been harassed and pestered by Algerians on the same subject. I would like to mention that the scenario of Algeria's defeat was cruel but perfectly in line with the rules and ethics of our sport.

"All the appeals made by the Algerian Football Federation to the competent Jurisdictions have been rejected. I therefore call on the Algerian authorities and Federation to take their responsibilities to put an end to this unhealthy climate before a more serious tragedy occurs.

"To Fennecs' fans, I wish that they find peace and manage to overcome the disappointment of a painful defeat, now behind us."

While it is unknown what prompted the unpleasant encounter outside Stadium 974, Eto'o's demeanour abruptly changed after just seconds of joyfully posing for pictures with other fans.

The 41-year-old is serving as FIFA's global legacy ambassador throughout the entire tournament in Qatar.

Several individuals are seen eagerly attempting to stop Eto'o before the attack before he threw a rather hard knee that knocked the individual to the ground.

According to Outlet Cope, the Youtuber known as "Saduni SM" has allegedly filed a complaint for assault and property damage while also asserting that the incident shattered his camera.