Pakistan to host Asia Cup Shooting Championship 2023

India and Iran were also in the consideration to host the event, but Asian Shooting Confederation gave the rights to Pakistan

April 19, 2022
Source: Google

KARACHI: Pakistan has been awarded the hosting right of the Asia Cup Shooting Championship 2023 which is set to be held in Lahore in March as the county hosts its first big international shooting event. 

Asian Shooting Confederation (ASC) write a letter in which they decided to give the hosting rights to Pakistan.  

Razi Ahmad Khan, Secretary of the National Rifle Association of Pakistan, told Geo News that Pakistan has been invited to host the Asia Cup for the first time, which is a big and huge honour. 

Pakistan has also received a letter to host the event after ASC granted the rights, instead of giving it to Iran and India, who were also in the consideration of hosting the event. 

To a question, Razi said that the Indian team will also come to Pakistan for the shooting championship as they get rating points from Asia Cup which qualifies for Olympics. 

The shooters will come from 25 countries including India, said Razi.