Taliban reportedly ban broadcast of IPL on Afghan national TV

Multiple sources from Afghanistan have stated that the Taliban will not broadcast the IPL

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September 20, 2021

The Taliban, after forming an interim government in Afghanistan, have reportedly banned the broadcast of the Indian Premier League (IPL) on the national television of the country, reported India.com Monday.

The former media manager of Afghanistan Cricket Board Muhammad Ibrahim Momand took to Twitter Monday to announce the news.

According to Momand’s post, the restriction has reportedly been imposed due to the transmission of "anti-Islamic" content during IPL matches, including the appearance of dancing cheerleaders and the presence of bareheaded women in the stadiums.

“Afghanistan national TV will not broadcast the @IPL as usual as it was reportedly banned to [broadcast] live matches resumed tonight due to possible anti-Islam content, girls dancing & the attendance of [bearheaded] women in the stadium by Islamic Emirates of the Taliban,” wrote.

Moreover, an Afghan journalist, Anees Ur Rehman, also Tweeted that the Afghan sports TV channel has already paid for the transmission of the sport event.

“Taliban ban on @IPL cricket matches on the Afghanistan National Television. RTA sport already paid the transmission fees,” said the post.

However, the Taliban haven’t issued an official statement in this regard.

Many international players are participating in the IPL season 14, currently going on in the United Arab Emirates.