Shoaib Malik hits back at critics, defends himself amidst Sheesha controversy

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The Pakistani all-rounder found himself tangled in controversy after a video of him smoking sheesha before the Pakistan-India clash came afloat. 

After finding himself ensnared in controversy over the circulating video from the Sheesha bar, Pakistan all-rounder Shoaib Malik on Tuesday urged media outlets to respect the athletes and their families.

The right-handed batsman turned to Twitter in the midst of the controversy that Pakistan team has been tangled in after the deplorable loss at the hands of India, requesting media outlets to refrain from dragging their families into ‘petty’ discussions.

Coming to his defense, the athlete stated: “When will Pak media be accountable for their credibility by our courts?! Having served my country for +20 years in Intl Cricket, it’s sad that I have to clarify things related to my personal life. The videos are from 13th June and not 15th.”

“On behalf of all athletes I would like to request media and people to maintain respect levels in regards to our families, who should not be dragged into petty discussions at will. It’s not a nice thing to do,” he added.

Malik had landed in hot waters after his disappointing performance during the mega clash between Pakistan and India earlier this week, with things growing dimmer for him even more after a video came afloat showing him smoking Sheesha at 2am at Manchester’s Winslow Road right before the high-octane match.  

Shoaib Malik hits back at critics, defends himself amidst Sheesha controvers