Talha Talib finishes 5th in Tokyo 2020 Olympics' 67kg weightlifting competition

Faizan Lakhani

While weightlifter Talha Talib finished fifth at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the 67kg weightlifting competition on Sunday his efforts saw him receive praise by the nation. 

The 21-year-old was ranking at the top before he was surpassed by athletes from China, Colombia and Italy in the final attempts.

Talha, who is the first weightlifter from Pakistan in 44 years, displayed his mettle despite not having a coach in the competition. 

After lifting 150kg in snatch, Talha fell while attempting 166kg in first attempt at clean and jerk, he lifted 170kg in his second attempt to have his overall lift of 320kg.

He remained board leader before Han Mayekon of Korea lifted 174kg in clean and jerk, pushing Talha to second place. 

Later on in the competition, Colombia’s Luis Javier lifted 180kg and Italy’s Zalmi Mirko lifted 177 in clean and jerk.

The gold medal was bagged by China’s Chen Lijun who lifted 187kg in clean and jerk, a new Olympic record, to have his overall lift of 332kg in the competition.

In an interview ahead of the Olympics, Talha had highlighted how the Pakistan Sports Board did not organise any training camp for weightlifters for last three years. 

He added that he had trained himself at a makeshift gym in courtyard of a school in Gujranwala as he didn’t receive any adequate facility from the board. 

Talha Talib finishes 5th in Tokyo 2020 Olympics' 67kg weightlifting competit