Pakistan vs India: PM Imran Khan’s advice for Sarfaraz is to win toss and bat

Mental strength will determine the outcome of Pakistan vs India clash, says the 1992 World Cup winning captain

By Web Desk
June 16, 2019
Prime Minister Imran Khan, who led Pakistan to 1992 World Cup glory, ad vised Sarfaraz Ahmed to win toss and bat first 

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, who led Pakistan to 1992 World Cup glory, has advised skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed to win the toss and bat first against India ahead of the high-voltage match between the two arch-rivals. 

The prime minister gave his suggestions in a series of messages on Twitter.

"When I started my cricketing career I assumed success was 70% talent & 30% mind. By the time I finished playing cricket I felt it was 50-50 ratio. But now I tend to agree with my friend Gavaskar it's 60% mental strength & 40 % talent. Today role of mind will be more than 60%," he tweeted. 

"Today, given the intensity of the match, both teams will come under great mental pressure and the power of the mind will decide the outcome of the match today. In Sarfaraz we are fortunate to have a bold captain & today he will have to be at his daring best."

"All fears of losing should be banished from the mind as the mind can only process one thought at a time. Fear of losing leads to a negative & defensive strategy & crucially mistakes by opponents are not pounced upon. So here are my suggestions for Sarfaraz & Pakistan team."

"In order to have a winning offensive strategy Sarfaraz must go in with specialist batsmen and bowlers because "Raillu Kattas" rarely perform under pressure - especially the intense kind that will be generated today. 2. Unless pitch is damp, Sarfaraz must win the toss & bat."

"Finally, even though India may be the favourites, banish all fear of losing. Just give your best and fight till the last ball. Then accept whatever the result like true sportsmen. The nation's prayers are with all of you. Good Luck."

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