Ehsan Mani: All of next PSL to be held in Pakistan

The chairman of the Pakistan cricket board Ehsan Mani stated on Thursday that they have been considering making Pakistan super league (PSL) a separate

By Web Desk
June 13, 2019
Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ehsan Mani. Photo: AFP

LAHORE: The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Ehsan Mani stated on Thursday that they have been considering making Pakistan super league (PSL) a separate entity and a league on its own. 

The chairman has said that that the entire next edition of PSL will be held in Pakistan.   

Ehsan Mani added that the upcoming editions of the PSL will be completely handled by Pakistanis and the matches would take place at different locations within the country where people from all across the nation would enjoy the matches with a house full and the players live in action.

"We want that the PSL should work as an independent body under the control of the PCB and it should work on modern processional lines to make it a successful venture the way other leagues in the world are functioning independently," he told the media at Gaddafi Stadium.

According to Mani, the prime objective for them is to make the PSL an independent organization. They aim to make sure that decisions being taken are made on time and in a professional way. He stated that as well as being a fun filled event, they want to ensure quality in the best sense and also make the league a profit earning venture. He further stated that he wants to make PSL a venture which is enjoyed by players around the world.

The PCB chief assured that no franchiser has terminated their contract of the PSL with the PCB and clarified that there has been miscommunication and a wrong impression had been created in the press.

The chief stated that "All the franchisers of the PSL have agreed to have all the matches at home and foreign players also have the keenness to play in Pakistan and their participation will add colour and festivity to the event."

Ehsan Mani explained that there are huge sums of money being spent in the renovation of stadiums around the country. Mani notified that Karachi's National Stadium has been upgraded at a cost of Rs 2 billion whereas around Rs 200 to 300 million are being spent on the stadium in Rawalpindi. Rs 200 million have also been allocated to Multan’s stadium to make sure they are ready on time for the upcoming PSL matches.

"Lahore's Gaddafi Stadium is ever ready for the PSL matches as it staged its final and semi-finals in the previous editions of the PSL," he said.

"By having matches of the PSL at home, we will be seeing the franchisers of the teams reaping the benefits by earning revenue which they could not due to matches at the UAE," said the PCB chairman.

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