Javed Miandad calls Quinton de Kock's controversial run-out of Fakhar Zaman 'smart'

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While most of Pakistan's cricket fraternity is enraged at Fakhar Zaman's controversial run out involving Quinton de Kock in the second ODI against South Africa on Saturday, legendary batsman Javed Miandad approves of what the Proteas keeper did, describing it as "smart".

In the last over of the match, de Kock, who was waiting to collect the ball at the striker’s end, gestured as if to suggest that the throw should be at the bowler’s end. This made Zaman to relax as he ran back towards the striker’s end and as a result got run out.

Many people have criticised de Kock for the fake gesture. But Miandad praised the mental agility of the wicketkeeper. “You can’t get the eyes off the ball,” Miandad told PPI. “You must love your wicket and runs like a man loves a woman. When you do that, you can’t get run out like this,” he said.

“We also used to do that. I used to pretend that I am throwing the ball to the bowler’s end but would through towards wicket-keeper to get the opponent run out. That must be considered smart,” said Miandad, who was known for playing brilliant tactics during matches by teammates and opponents alike.

Javed Miandad calls Quinton de Kock's run-out of Fakhar Zaman 'smart'