Amir Khan, Mohammad Waseem urge investigation into boxer's death

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British boxer Amir Khan and Pakistani star Mohammad Waseem have urged the authorities to look into the death of boxer Muhammad Aslam, with the former claiming that the deceased's life was endangered by pitting him in a mismatch against a bigger boxer while the latter pushed for a clampdown against unsanctioned events without stand-by medical teams.

“The bouts of the rival boxers show that he was of more weight than that of the deceased,” Amir was quoted as saying by The News

He emphasised that doctors and medical teams must be present ringside at boxing events for treatment of fighters.

Aslam, a 33-year-old boxer from Pishin, received a deadly knockout blow on face during a “Boxing Night” organised by Rasheed Baloch-led Pakistan Boxing Council at a club in Karachi. 

The fallen pugilist, who was primarily a a kickboxer, was contesting against Mohammad Wali in cruiserweight category on “Fight Night Series”.

The boxer was knocked by a left hook during the bout. He immediately fell unconscious. Videos on social media showed there was no proper medical response. Some eye-witnesses mentioned that Aslam was immediately taken to a private hospital at the Stadium Road where he was shifted to ICU. However, he passed away on Sunday afternoon.

Pakistan’s top professional boxer Waseem demanded that government should take immediate action against those responsible for this accident. 

“Professional boxing is not a joke, you need to prove yourself before you can obtain a license to become a pro boxer. But here anyone can stand up and organise his own professional event. This is a very dangerous practice,” Waseem said. 

“Do these people even know what professional boxing is? Do they know what the rules and requirements are?"

Amir Khan, Mohammad Waseem urge investigation into boxer's death