Boxer in Karachi dies after being hit during fight

Faizan Lakhani
Boxer in Karachi dies after

A 33-year-old boxer from Pishin passed away on Sunday after being punched on face by a rival boxer during an event organized by Pakistan Boxing Council at a local club in Karachi.

Mohammad Aslam, who was known as a kick-boxer, was contesting against Mohammad Wali in cruise weight category bout during “Fight Night Series” on Saturday

As per videos viral on social media, the boxer was knocked by a left hook during the bout. While he immediately fell unconscious, a proper medical response couldn’t be seen in the footage.

Some eye-witnesses mentioned that Aslam was immediately taken to a private hospital at stadium road where he was shifted to ICU. However, he passed away on Sunday afternoon.

The Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) has condemned the event and has disassociated itself from the organizers and termed the event as illegal.

“We have no connection with this so-called professional boxing council; nothing is being done with our approval. We cannot compromise on safety of our boxers,” Col Nasir Tung, secretary general of Pakistan Boxing Federation told Geo Super.

“There are some pre-requisites for one to become a professional boxer, and the way these boxers are contesting in the name of professional boxing is questionable,” he said.

The PBF has also formed a two-member committee, comprising Asghar Baloch and Younis Pathan, to find the details of the incident.

Expressing his grief over the tragic episode, Pakistan’s top professional boxer Mohammad Waseem demanded that government should take immediate action against those responsible for this accident.

“Professional boxing is not a joke, you need to prove yourself before you can obtain a license to become a pro boxer. But here anyone can stand up and organize his own professional event, this is a very dangerous practice,” Waseem told Geo Super.

“Do these people even know what professional boxing is, do they know what are the rules and requirements,” he questioned. 

Boxer in Karachi dies after being hit during fight