Mohammad Asif slammed on Twitter over racist remarks

Brashna Kasi
Mohammad Asif slammed on Twitter over racist remarks / Photo: Daily Mail 

Mohammad Asif and controversies go hand in hand. The former cricketer was found in hot water recently over his racist remarks on Pakistan’s "Khan-centric" cricket team.

In a YouTube show hosted by former Pakistani cricketers Shahnawaz Khan and Shahid Nazir, the 38-year-old accused the current Pakistani pacers of age fraud, saying they’re older than what they claim. However, the criticism directed by the former bowler came with a pinch of racism in it.

While passing a racist remark, Asif targeted the current bowling duo of Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah based on their ethnicities. “These kids, who are ‘Pathan’, claim to be 17-18 year old when in reality they are 30,” he said.

“Half of the team they [team management] collected are Khans [pashtuns], all of them are [expletive]” the bowler added.

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In addition to that, Asif also mocked players for following discipline. He said that no one in the current team is a genuine player as they’re all ‘yes sir’ lot. "A true player has his own ego; he won’t entirely listen to team management,” he said.

The host, Shahnawaz, laughed at Asif’s remarks and agreed with him, saying “you’re absolutely right.” He even encouraged the former cricketer to use whatever language he wants as his platform allows it.

Cricket fans on Twitter, however, did not find Asif’s analysis amusing and took the bowler to task, reminding him of his controversial past. Many criticized him over his racist remarks while others objected that the player has no moral ground to be given airtime.

Check some of their reactions below: 

Mohammad Asif slammed on Twitter over racist remarks