Frustrated fans roast 'sir' Shan Masood after 3rd straight zero score

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Shan Masood

Shan Masood is as out-of-form as anyone has ever been or can possibly be. The left-handed Pakistan opener has scored a pair of ducks in the second Test against New Zealand, which when paired with his duck from the second innings of the previous Test gives him three straight failures - or as Twitter would say: "an egg-laying duck".

Since scoring that famous 156 against England last year - a knock from which he's squeezed every last drop of goodwill - Masood has had four ducks in eight innings.

Over that four-match, eight-innings sequence, he has scored a paltry 33 runs, such has been his dry run. He averages 4.125 runs per innings in that sample size, with his highest being 18 runs.

As expected, he is currently being torn apart - proverbially - on the world wide web by cricket fans livid with his performances, or lack thereof. Here is what they've had to say:

Pak vs NZ: Fans roast 'sir' Shan Masood after 3rd straight zero score