PFF NC Acting Chairman stops PNCs from working

PFF NC Acting Chairman stops PNCs from working

December 24, 2020
PFF NC Acting Chairman stops PNCs from working / Photo: The Nation

Karachi: The newly appointed acting chairman of Pakistan Football Federation’s (PFF) Normalization Committee (NC), Muneer Sadhana, has stopped all provincial normalization committees (PNC) from working, announcing an independent inquiry into its formation and operations.

The new chairman has also reversed decisions of his predecessor Hamza Khan and reinstated Manizeh Zainli as General Secretary and Adnan us Sadiq as Director Finance. Both were terminated controversially last month.

According to a letter issued by Muneer Sadhana, he received various complaints from different provinces regarding “grave violations of PFF constitution.”

The letter, seen by Geo Super, mentions that Muneer has formed a two-member committee to investigate all the matters concerning PNCs.

“I, as Chairman PFF NC and a lawyer believe that there is merit in the complaint referred to me regarding gross violations of PFF constitution and I am, hereby, appointing our senior most Normalization Committee member Col Mujahid and PFF General Secretary Ms. Manizeh Zainli to comprehensively and independently review these violations and submit to my consideration any remedies and measures to protect PFF constitution that may be warranted,” Muneer wrote to PFF affiliates.

“In the spirit to protect the fairness of the election process as well as the sanctity of the PFF constitution, Provincial committees of Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan (GB), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh and two additional members of Islamabad, appointed unilaterally by former Chairman PFF on 9th December 2020, are hereby restrained from discharging their duties with immediate effect and their decisions will be reviewed independently,” he added.

Hamza on December 9, a week before relinquishing office as chairman of NC, had reconstituted PNCs of GB, Punjab and KP while added two more members to Islamabad’s NC.

Interestingly, Manizeh Zainli – who was then controversially terminated by Hamza as General Secretary PFF, had sent an e-mail to FIFA and AFC on November 9, fearing a possible change in PNCs by Hamza Khan “as deal” to secure votes against herself.

The letter issued by Muneer further states that until the formal investigation is completed, all the decisions taken by PNCs stand suspended.

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Faizan Lakhani is Deputy Editor (Sports) at Geo News.