Pakistan cricket officials ask NZ ministry to share Covid-19 test reports

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Pakistan cricket officials ask NZ ministry to share Covid-19 test reports / Photo: PCB

Pakistan cricket team officials have asked the New Zealand’s health ministry to share the actual test reports of all Covid-19 tests conducted of players and other touring members, The News reported today.

New Zealand authorities held back the results of second Covid-19 tests of players who were declared positive. Although, the ministry shared that some were carrying non-infectious virus, it did not reveal as to how many who were announced corona positive were carrying the dead virus from the second test.

Pakistan Cricket Board’s Medical and Sports Sciences head, Dr.Sohail Saleem, who is accompanying the team on the tour, wrote a letter to New Zealand’s health ministry asking for second test results.

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“Since the authorities have declared that some of the cases are non-infectious (dead virus), we want to know the exact status of each case and also need in in-writing information on these cases following the second test. Also, need to know the exact medical term to all these positives can pose any threat to others as to how many positive cases are carrying the active virus,” an official told the paper.

New Zealand’s health ministry, however, has not responded to the letter yet. “Because of Sunday and close day, the ministry has not responded to the letter sent to them. Possibly their response would come Monday, the day when the third Covid-19 test will be conducted on all players. Before that we want them to share all results including those held back,” the official responded.

Referring to New Zealand ministry declaring that a total of 11 Pakistani cricketers are carrying the history of Covid-19 virus, he added, “That is no surprise as everyone knows it well that before embarking on the summer tour to England a good number of players were tested positive of Covid-19 and the majority of these recovered in time for the tour. So these players must be carrying dead-virus which is not dangerous to anyone.”

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Pakistan cricket officials ask NZ ministry to share Covid-19 test reports