Wasim Khan says PCB will ‘keep investing’ in Pakistan’s economy

Sohail Imran
Wasim Khan says PCB will ‘keep investing’ in Pakistan’s economy / Photo: Sohail Imran 

Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Executive Wasim Khan has said that cricket expenses have escalated lately due to Covid-19 pandemic but these are not expenses rather PCB’s investment in Pakistan’s economy.

Talking to a group of journalists in Lahore, Wasim said that commencement of sporting activities have had a positive impact in the economy of the country. He said that PCB will ‘keep investing’ on cricket to improve country’s economic state.

The 49-year-old said that the revival of cricket amid the pandemic has benefitted many fields, especially the hotel industry. “We started cricket activities in September’s end. It has greatly benefitted the hotel industry. Experts have told us that they saved 5000 jobs,” he said.

“Players and officials stay in five-star and four-star hotels which has kept the hotel business thriving in these difficult times,” Wasim added.

The CEO said that the upcoming sixth season of Pakistan Super League and South Africa cricket tour to Pakistan will further benefit these industries. “We’ll keep investing in the country’s economy,” he said.

Wasim acknowledged that the cricketing costs incurred during the pandemic have increased as a lot of money is being spent on conducting Covid-19 tests. However, the board member urged to emphasize on the promising outcomes instead.

“We should look at these expenses rather positively, cricketers are earning and fans are happy. Whatever is spent on cricket is also earned from cricket,” he said.

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Wasim Khan says PCB will ‘keep investing’ in Pakistan’s economy