Madina Zafar talks about challenges players are facing due to covid-19

Sohail Imran
Madina Zafar talks about challenges players are facing due to covid-19 / Photo: Sohail Imran 

International squash player Madina Zafar says due to covid-19 players have to face many difficulties. “Some departments have stopped paying attention to players, leading them to face many physical and financial challenges,” the young athlete said.

Madina, 22, said that like all other fields, sports too suffered a great deal in last 8 months due to the pandemic. Departments’ disregard to its players has led them to face many difficulties. They have stopped supporting the players as there are no sport activities taking place.

“Players are not only financially struggling but also having a hard time staying fit as lack of training has affected their fitness and they are now unable to play well in tournaments,” she said.

However, Madina appreciated the support she got from her department, Pakistan Army, during covid-19. She had access to all facilities and was therefore, completely fit; leading her to perform well in the recent squash event.

Second seed in the tournament, Madina had defeated the top seed Amna Fayyaz last week in Lahore to win the Professional Squash Association (PSA) ranking tournament.

Madina Zafar after winning the PSA squash ranking tournament 2020 in Lahore / Photo: Sohail Imran 

Madina believes that squash is a sport that can be easily played in these corona times. “It only requires some safety precautions as it doesn’t involve court contact,” she said.

Players can avoid shaking hands, wear masks and wash hands. Because there is no court contact, is the reason why PSA is holding the event in first place,” she added.

Madina is currently ranked at 75 on PSA squash rankings and aims to make a place in top 50, now that the events have resumed. “I am confident that as PSA increase holding more events, I’ll be able to achieve my target. I also hope to win medals for my country in upcoming Commonwealth games and Asia games,” the international star concluded. 

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Madina Zafar talks about challenges players are facing due to covid-19