Sikander Bakht tests positive for Covid-19

Brashna Kasi
Sikander Bakht tests positive for Covid-19 / Photo: FILE 

Karachi: Former Pakistani cricketer Sikander Bakht tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday.

Bakht, 63, confirmed the news while talking to Geo Super. “I have fever and some body aches. Initially I thought it was seasonal viral [fever] but turns out it is Covid,” he said while isolating.

“My advice for everyone is to take an immediate test if you have any symptoms and isolate for a day or two. It’s better to treat it than take pressure,” Bakht added. 

Staying optimistic, the TV analyst jested, ‘Ghabrana nahi hai’ while talking about his recovery. The former cricketer said it’s important not to get depressed about it.

Sikander Bakht in isolation  / Photo: Sikandar Bakht 

Bakht has isolated himself in his mother’s house after finding out the news. He said he’s trying to reach out to all those who tested positive to find about their experiences.

Talking of his symptoms, Bakht shared that his eyes ‘burn’ while watching TV. The former cricketer, therefore, has resorted to listening to music to get through the isolation period. Bakht revealed that he has the classic ‘Aaj Iss Sheher Mein’ by Ahmed Rushdi on his playlist loop.

The Karachi born cricketer played for Pakistan from 1976 to 1989. In these testing times, Bakht hopes to inspire people going through the similar situation with his positivity. 

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Sikander Bakht tests positive for Covid-19