Amir Khan gives clearest indication that he wants to enter Pakistani politics

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Amir Khan with local boxers on his visit to Lyari, Karachi in 2015. Photo: AFP/File

British boxer Amir Khan has admitted that he could one day take Manny Pacquiao's lead and do for Pakistan what the Filipino is doing for his country Philippines by joining politics.

Amir, who was born in Bolton but is of Pakistani heritage, has his pro boxing career winding down and last fought in July 2019. 

During this time he has ramped up his work and activities in Pakistan - boxing and otherwise - giving a clear indication that he sees his next career in Pakistan, of which he made a confession in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

"I would love to make Pakistan a better place and be a massive help in many areas [such as] sport, education, stopping child labour and many more things," he wrote in a lengthy preamble.

"I've sat with many politicians and army generals, agreeing and disagreeing on topics in the country. My heart is clean and I would want the best for Pakistan. Let's see how things play out."

Amir Khan on his visit to the site of APS massacre in 2015. Photo: AFP/File

He then said he might draw from the example of Pacquiao, with whom he had long sought for a fight but to no avail. 

"My old stablemate and world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao also joined politics in Philippines," Amir said before coming to the point.

"I have been watching the great work Manny Pacquiao has done for his country and I know I could do the same for Pakistan. It will be a massive decision to make. I one day might consider this."

Amir runs a boxing academy in his name in Islamabad and recently hosted a rare pro-boxing night at his facility featuring local and international talent.

A former WBA light-welterweight champion, Amir TKO'ed Australia's Billy Dibb in July last year. Here are the highlights from that fight:

Amir Khan gives clearest indication of plan to enter Pakistani politics