PSL franchises withdraw court petition, end legal battle against PCB

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PCB has invited disgruntled PSL franchises to return to the table and resolve differences amicably.

In an abrupt change of heart, or a U-turn, disgruntled franchises of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) on Thursday withdrew their petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC), thus concluding their legal battle against the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on what they claim is the league’s disproportionate financial model.

Just days after talking tough, hinting of not returning to the table and letting the court settle the dispute, the franchises caved today, promoting the high court to dismiss the petition as withdrawn.

After PCB COO Salman Naseer told the court that the Board “is willing to negotiate with the franchises”, Justice Sajid Mehmood Sethi remarked that “if you’re willing to talk, then a way forward will be found.”

The judge did advise the PCB to do whatever it can for the franchises.

“The whole world has an economic crisis due to the coronavirus. The PCB should see what kind of relief it can provide [to the franchises].” - Justice Sethi.

Later on, COO Naseer, in a video released by the Board, regretted that the dispute had escalated to this point.

“It was sad that the issue got to the court. The PCB has always tried to resolve its issues with the franchises amicably. The coverage given to this case has damaged both the PCB and PSL brands at global level,” he admitted.

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However, he invited the franchises for further negotiations and revealed that a provisional agreement had already been struck.

“The offer to talk was there before the case and remains even now. We have invited the franchises to sit with us for a talk on October 7 and hold discussions with us in a good faith in a bid to resolve our differences.

“We also have struck a gentleman’s agreement with them of not taking any adverse action against them until October 9. In return, they have promised to immediately clear their dues from 2019 and 2020.”

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PSL franchises withdraw court petition, end legal battle against PCB