Karachi court indicts 13 for alleged collusion with Indian bookies during PSL 2020

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A file photo of PSL 2020 trophy.

A banking court in Karachi has indicted 13 suspects over the allegation of being a part of a match-fixing racket alongside several Dubai-based Indian bookies which, as per the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), had even approached a cricketer during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 earlier this year.

The accused pled not guilty to the charges, following which the court summoned witnesses in its next hearing.

As per The News, the group's existence and their overtures had first come to light when the FIA, in March and February, arrested four individuals namely Mahendar Kumar, Naresh Kumar alias KG and Naresh Kumar alias Jani on charges of running a spot-fixing and gambling racket in collusion with bookmakers from India during the PSL 2020.

According to the investigators, the accused were running web portals to manage and operate gambling accounts and ledgers and had opened 'benami' account in different banks to camouflage the nature of ill-gotten money in connivance of the bankers.

“The WhatsApp conversations, images, documents, deposit slips available in mobile phones of accused persons prove their illegal acts of gambling and money laundering,” according to the FIA.

“The accused were in liaison with UAE-based bookie Lal Chand, who facilitated them through web portals and Ravi Kumar (Mahendar’s brother) managed finances for money laundering through hawala hundi.”

Karachi court indicts 13 for colluding with Indian bookies during PSL 2020