South African legend Jonty Rhodes appointed Sweden’s head coach

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Jonty Rhodes in action. Photo: AFP

Former South African batsman Jonty Rhodes has been appointed the new head coach of Swedish Cricket Federation (formally known as Svenska Cricketförbundet), Emerging Cricket reported on Thursday.

Rhodes, arguably the greatest fielder to ever play cricket, has been given the designation of head coach but his responsibilities will be all-encompassing, ranging from development of the game at lower levels to the senior teams.

“My reach out to the Swedish Cricket Federation was literally three months ago, so a great deal has happened in the past three months,” Rhodes told Emerging Cricket, adding that “I’m relocating with my family, so it’s not a consulting role” as he emphasised the size of his commitment.

The game of cricket is reportedly seeing a massive rise in Sweden, and according to Swedish Cricket Federation Performance Director Benn Harradine, the number of cricket clubs in the Nordic country has risen from 17 to 78 in just two years.

“It’s been just bananas,” he said.

“We’re basically trying to manage first how we control the growth, or how we can place resources around this growth, because it’s going boom, and this is where Jonty comes in.”

South African legend Jonty Rhodes appointed Sweden’s head coach