Honest people don't complain, they take decisions: Akhtar advises Misbah

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Pace legend Shoaib Akhtar. Photo: File 

Pace legend Shoaib AKhtar has said that head coach Misbah-ul-Haq should own up to his shortcomings rather than deflect the blame of the national cricket team's poor performance during the tour of England.

Misbah, earlier this week, had defended the team’s performance under him, saying that while the team may have slipped from number one to number four in T20 ranking, the slide had begun long before he took the seat.

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Akhtar, while speaking on PTV's sports show Game On Hai, said that the chief selector, rather than making excuses, should be upfront about his mistakes and promise to do better. 

"Honest and strong-willed people don’t complain, they take decisions. If I had been in his place, I would have said that it is my fault, I will set it right. He should have said that whatever happened earlier must be put behind us, and now that I am at the helm, I will improve things," Akhtar said. 

"Playing around here and there is probably [Misbah's style] but it's not me. I am not like that. Whatever happens, you need to say with confidence that you will set things right."

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Furthermore, the former fast bowler said that he would be the "first to support" Misbah if he was deadset on producing results. 

"Misbah needs to give us a chance to defend him. He should say ‘I will produce results. I will improve the team’. I’ll be the first to support him but he needs to embrace [the responsibility] it." 

Honest people don't complain, they take decisions: Akhtar advises Misbah