PFF, Daniel Limones hold football coaching clinics for girls in Gilgit, Gulmit

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Daniel Limones conducts a two-day coaching clinic for young girls. Photo: PFF

Daniel Limones, the National Technical Director of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), staged coaching clinics over the weekend for young female football players in the northern areas of Gilgit, Gilgit, Gojal and Hunza. 

The event, which took place on September 4 and 5, saw over 150 females attend the event, according to a PFF press release.

Limones, a UEFA Pro License coach, gave basic training and passed tips to the youngsters.

The girls train at the coaching clinic. Photo: PFF

The purpose of the event, the director said, was to provide training at the grass-root level so that the sport could flourish in future.

"The programmes conducted in Gilgit and Gulmit have been the first successful bit to create that hype needed at the grassroots levels among girls and women," said Limones.

"Everyone must have the same opportunities. For us, grassroots and youth are of paramount [importance]."

Daniel Limones gives basic training to young girls. Photo: PFF

"There is such talent exploding from this land of ours, all we need to do is give them the right tools and watch them bloom," said PFF General Secretary Manizeh Zainli who also oversaw the coaching clinics. Gilgit and Gulmit have opened my eyes to a new world of football in Pakistan and I hope I can bring my plans to fruition in the limited time I have." 

The clinic saw a large turnout of young girls. Photo: PFF

PFF, Daniel Limones hold coaching clinics for girls in Gilgit, Gulmit