Pakistan scrabble team seal semifinal berth in virtual world cup

Faizan Lakhani

Pakistan has sealed a berth in the semifinals of the COCO Virtual Scrabble World Cup after defeating Malaysia for 14-11 in the quarter final. 

Junior world champion Syed Imaad Ali led the team with four spectacular wins from five of his encounters. Furthermore, other team members too contributed to the win with the following results: Moiz Ullah Baig 3-2, Hassan Hadi Khan 3-2, Sohaib Sanaullah 2-3 and Waseem Khatri 2-3.

World champion Ganesh Asirvatham led Malaysia as he won all five matches however, the rest of his teammates fell short and could not ensure victory.

In the final round, Pakistan looked comfortable as their record stood at 12-8 while the opposition needed to win by 5-0. Malaysia did win the first three but their hopes quickly dwindled when Moiz and Imaad took the team to victory. 

Pakistan became the first team to qualify for the semifinal where they will pitted against favorites, the United States, who pulverised Singapore for 18-7.

Meanwhile, India beat Australia for 13-12 and Canada handed Ireland a defeat of the same margin.  

The semi finals are scheduled on August 8 and 9 and will be against the following teams: 



Arch-rivals Pakistan and India may come face to face in what could be a historic final for both the countries but will first have to beat the North American powerhouses first.

Pakistan scrabble team seal semifinal berth in virtual world cup