'Pakistan need to be cautious of England's bowling attack'

Sohail Imran
Pakistan vs England series will have three three Tests and as many T20Is. Photo: AFP

Former Test cricketer Mudassar Nazar has cautioned Pakistan's batsmen over England's bowling attack and said that the Men in Green will have to post a large total and take early wickets during their upcoming Test and T20I series.

"England bowlers and fielders are very talented so Pakistan’s batsmen can expect a challenge. The batsmen will have to post a large total in order to have a chance" he said. 

The former cricketer said that while the hosts' batting "lacked continuity", Pakistan's bowlers should look out for their top batters Ben Stokes and Joe Root and dismiss them at the earliest. 

"England batters lack continuity so Stokes and Root will fill the gap. Pakistan's bowlers will have to take early wickets," he said.

Meanwhile, Nazar said that having the team train on English conditions would drastically improve their chances and expressed optimism over the team's chance to dominate the hosts. 

"The team is training on English conditions so it will be very beneficial to them. They have had a great history in the past, surely they will do well in the series," he said. 

Pakistan vs England: Guests need to be cautious of hosts' bowling attack