Relief for Umar Akmal as ban cut short to 18 months

Sohail Imran
Batsman Umar Akmal. Photo: AFP

Batsman Umar Akmal’s three-year suspension, which was slapped on him by the Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) Disciplinary Panel for not reporting approaches by corrupt elements, has been reduced to 18 months.

The PCB panel had imposed a three-year-ban on Akmal after he had violated the Article 2.4.4 of the PCB's code of conduct on two occasions.

While Akmal's appeal has been halved, the beleaguered batsman was not satisfied with the outcome and said that he would, after consultation with his lawyers, appeal again for the sentence to be reduced further.

"There have been many cricketers before me that have made mistakes but none of them were given a punishment as severe as mine. I will appeal once more to get my sentence reduced," he said while speaking to media.  

In a separate incident in 2018, Akmal had said that he was offered $200,000 by fixers to leave two deliveries in one of the matches. He also claimed that he was offered money to skip matches against India.

“I was once offered $200,000 for leaving two deliveries. I was also offered to skip matches against India,” he said in the interview.

The batsman also said that he was approached during the ICC World Cup, including the 2015 edition played in Australia and New Zealand.

However, Akmal had failed to mention if he had reported this to the anti-corruption unit or not.

According to ICC anti-corruption code 2.4.4 and 2.4.5, players are bound to report all the corrupt approaches made to them during any event and failure of doing so carry a minimum punishment of five years.

Relief for Umar Akmal as ban cut short to 18 months