Wasim Akram hits back at Sindh minister for questioning his intent over rain remarks

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Cricket legend Wasim Akram on Monday hit back at Sindh Information Minister Nasir Shah for saying that his remarks on Karachi's post-rain situation and flash flooding were disappointing and not in line with reality.

After Twitter got inundated with videos of poor Karachiites battling with ran water amid a lack of proper drainage system, Akram had on Sunday tweeted that his "heart goes out to all affected" and that he was not "surprised that this has happened yet again" - a clear dig at the provincial government's rich history of failing to deal with rains year in, year out.

To this, Shah, the provincial minister and a PPP stalwart, had accused Akram of commenting on mere "hearsay" and not knowing the real situation, which he claimed that his government had tackled efficiently.

Akram, whose Twitter location suggest he is in England these days, defended his right to say what he said and clarified that his criticism was due to the problems faced by Karachiites and not out of any political agenda.

It is pertinent to mention here that even though Akram was a cricketing protege of Prime Minister Imran Khan, he has been careful not to explicitly support or oppose any particular political side - something he was quick to remind Shah in his rebuttal.

Wasim Akram hits back at minister for questioning intent over rain remarks