Craft, communication, everything is easier with Waqar Younis by your side: Sohail Khan

Sohail Imran
Sohail Khan

Fast bowler Sohail Khan has revealed how the presence of legendary Waqar Younis as the bowling coach helps the team's battery of pacers in general, and himself in particular.

Sohail, 36, back in the squad after some time, impressed in one of the intra-squad practice matches, taking five wickets.

He said that things get easier for bowlers like him as they have Younis' expertise to rely on.

“I asked Waqar bhai to teach me how to swing the ball late. It took him only two minutes to explain it to me. It is because of his tips that I took five wickets in the first innings," Sohail is quoted as saying by the PCB.

“I am eager to learn from Waqar bhai. I follow him wherever he goes and speak to him about the art of bowling as he has abundance of knowledge to share."

Sohail said the fact that Younis himself was once a pacer makes communication very easier for everyone involved.  

"A few days back I was struggling with something while bowling, I thought of reaching out to him and even before I spoke to him about it, he said he knew what I wanted to talk to him about and he explained it to me in a minute,” he said.

Craft, communication, everything is easier under Waqar Younis: Sohail Khan