Dope failures used steroids during SAG, may face consequences: report

Alam Zeb Safi
Samiullah (L) and Mehboob Ali (R) failed the dope tests. 

National athletes Mehboob Ali, Mohammad Naeem and Samiullah, who failed dope tests during the 13th South Asian Games (SAG) in Nepal last year, were found to have used "anabolic androgenic steroids" - a substance which provides strength to the body, The News reported on Tuesday.

"It’s not a medicine but a booster which gives strength to the body. It is not usually prescribed and is available everywhere," a source said. 

The trio had denied the use of the steroid and  requested for their B samples test which returned positive as well.

As per WADA rules they may face a maximum of four years ban and a minimum at two years. A disciplinary committee will decide the matter after hearing the athletes in persons or their lawyers. 

However the issue is who will form the committee as Anti-Doping Body of the SAG and Nepal’s NOC seem sluggish on this issue.

The tests had been conducted last year in December. Their results were received about six months later. Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) or Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) would constitute the committee if asked by the doping committee of 13th SAG. Nepal cannot do this as athletes are in Pakistan and they cannot be heard by Nepal.

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It has been learnt from experts that the committee will ask the athletes whether they had any written prescription and whether they had informed the relevant federation or the anti-doping body.

If any athlete has a written prescription he can escape a ban and may be reprimanded only. But if there is nothing in written form and the athletes have used the substance without consulting relevant bodies then they will face huge penalty.

NOC Nepal has informed the relevant bodies in Pakistan about the positive results of the B samples of the athletes. When this correspondent contacted Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) on Monday, it refused to divulge the information regarding the B samples results.

“POA may have received the information. They will forward that to us,” an AFP source told ‘The News’. Mehboob (400metre hurdle) and Naeem claimed gold medals while Sami snared bronze in the SAG.

Dope failures used steroids during SAG, may face consequences: report