Hope High Performance Centre can turn things around for domestic cricket: Saeed Ajmal

Sohail Imran
Former Test cricketer Saeed Ajmal. Photo: AFP

Former Test cricketer Saeed Ajmal hopes that the Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) move to establish the National High Performance Centre (NHPC) will serve to uplift domestic cricket in the country.

As part of PCB’s decision to restructure and unite the National Cricket Academy (NCA) and its department of domestic cricket, the board established the NHPC.

Furthermore it employed the services of Doosra inventor Saqlain Mushtaq and national fielding coach Grant Bradburn as Head of International Player Development and Head of High Performance Coaching respectively. 

"There have been many changes in the past but there hasn’t been a positive outcome. This time there has been a structural change which saw the NHPC established. Nadeem Khan, Mushtaq and Bradburn are experienced so I have my hopes pinned on them to turn things around," he told Geo Super. 

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Furthermore, Ajmal said that domestic cricketers should be divided into a division system which would consider their mettle accordingly and suggested that members of the top division be given more privilege in selection.  

"There should be a division system where those that are talented move in Division One while those that do not could be placed in Division Two. Then those in the first division should be prioritised for selection. This would give cricketers an incentive," he said.    

Furthermore, the former cricketer pressed to grant domestic cricketers central contracts along with an increase in their remuneration.

He added that departmental cricket be restored in a bid to retain some of its coaches and cricketers that lost their jobs.

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"Domestic cricketers should be given central contracts along with an increase in their remuneration to provide them incentive," he said. 

"In addition, the system of departmental cricket should be restored as it will help with the employment of cricketers and coaches that lost their jobs because of it."

Hope High Performance Centre can improve domestic cricket: Saeed Ajmal