PFF to use FIFA grant to help virus-hit footballers

Faizan Lakhani
The PFF will establish a players' relief fund to help footballers amid the pandemic. Photo: AFP

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is planning to set up a relief programme for footballers who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

An official of the PFF confirmed told Geo Super that the federation already has the permission to utilise funds from the FIFA Forward Program for pandemic relief purposes. 

Manizeh Zainli, PFF secretary general, said that the federation is waiting for a formal word from FIFA on the funding that was announced for each member association last week.

"We are waiting for a formal letter from FIFA. I have spoken to FIFA and they did say that a grant will come to us and once we receive that we’ll use it accordingly," she said.

FIFA last week had announced a relief plan with a universal solidarity grant of $1 million to all member associations and an additional grant of $500,000 to women’s football.

According to FIFA, the grant money can be used to restart competitions, including medical testing, participation of national teams in various events, payments to staff, maintenance and general operation costs.

"We were already given the go-ahead by FIFA recently to start players relief fund from the Forward Program but now we are getting more funding from FIFA and that will also be used in the relief," Manizeh said.

"The normalization committee is already working on deciding criteria of players who deserve assistance."

She said that there will be strict conditions established by FIFA on where and how to use the fund.

The PFF official further said that the additional amount of $500,000 will also help them accelerate plans to start a women’s league.

PFF to use FIFA grant to help virus-hit footballers