Babar Azam needs to improve personality as captain: Tanvir Ahmed

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Former pacer Tanvir Ahmed has said that ODI and T20 skipper Babar Azam needed to groom himself more as his role required him to make more public appearances on behalf of the team.

Ahmed took to YouTube and expressed that the star batsman needed to upgrade his personality by changing up his dressing sense and improving his English as he would be speaking more often. 

"Azam needs to improve his English, which is necessary. Whenever someone becomes a captain, he has to talk during the toss and post-match presentation. Plus, he will also give interviews on various channels when he tours different countries," he said. 

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Furthermore, the former cricketer said that Azam shouldered great responsibility as captain and needed to ensure that he was put together in terms of fitness and overall character. 

"A leader needs to be punctual and organised as the players follow the captain. He should also maintain his fitness level, because if the captain himself isn’t fit, then he can’t advise other players on improving their fitness," he said.

Ahmed cautioned the batting star over slipping up in his performances and said that the skipper needed to be mentally prepared to tackle harsh criticism. 

"He needs to be mentally strong as even a slight dip in performance as captain will invite a lot criticism from media. He will have to tolerate the criticism and not react to it if he reacts, then things will get very difficult for him."

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Babar Azam needs to improve personality as captain: Tanvir Ahmed