'Stoic' Sachin Tendulkar such a gentleman, he never responded to sledging: Rashid Latif

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India's batting legend Sachin Tendulkar. Photo: ESPN

Former cricketer Rashid Latif has lauded India's batting great Sachin Tendulkar for his stoic on-field demeanour and flat-out refusal to be bothered by or respond to sledging.

Latif, in a YouTube video, recalled facing the former batsman and said that despite his attempts to rile Tendulkar up, he kept his cool and even resorted to "laughing" off the wicketkeeper batsman's pointed remarks. 

"Tendulkar’s behaviour was unique. Even if I say something from behind, he never would respond or say something back, he just kept laughing," he said.

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Latif said that Tendulkar, even on the best of his days and in his full glory, won't rub it into the face of the opposition.  

"This is why everyone admires Tendulkar, especially wicket-keepers. He would slam a hundred, he would be attacking bowlers, but he never said a word. And you are trying to rile him up as a keeper to get him out, but he would never react," he said.

"You play an innings, you leave. But one always remembers your behaviour. In my opinion, he is at the top of the list of players who had the best on-field behaviour, and such players forever remain etched in your memories."

Meanwhile, the former wicketkeeper-batsman claimed that a part of him did not wish for Tendulkar to get out simply because he enjoyed witnessing his skillful batting. 

"Several players came to bat when I used to keep. But when he used to come out to bat, my heart did not want him to get out. I used to enjoy watching him bat, while I was keeping. Not while watching him play on TV, but while I was standing behind the stumps," Latif said.

'Stoic' Sachin Tendulkar never responded to sledging: Rashid Latif