No Boom Boom as Shahid Afridi picks his all-time XI

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Shahid Afridi has named his all-time XI and like the infamous first-ball hoicks of his, this line-up will leave you a bit puzzled.

Afridi's all-time XI, which he revealed in an interview with Lord's Cricket Ground's official YouTube channel, does not make it absolutely clear if it's a Test XI, ODI XI or both.

That's because the video clips to go with his picks are all in white kits without a trace of ODI colour. But then the video does not explicitly say that Afridi is focusing on a certain format. Strange, right?

In all, he picks a pretty decent XI, except for Rashid Latif maybe? The wicketkeeper was among Pakistan's best-ever but a member of an all-time XI? That's pushing it a bit - and then some.

Afridi doesn't even offer justifies his selections much, which could probably be down to the language barrier. 

All in all, the line-up is decent but the direction, production quality and direction of the video leave a lot to be desired.

Give it a view anyway. After all, anything with Lala in it deserves at least one look.

No Boom Boom as Shahid Afridi picks his all-time XI