Paddy Upton recalls Virat Kohli's 'good to great' transformation

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Photo: AFP

Former  strength and mental conditioning coach of India, Paddy Upton, has recalled superstar Virat Kohli’s transformation from a chubby-cheeked youngster to one of the fittest players in world cricket, in an interview with Times of India.

According to Upton, Kohli's attitude and discipline towards his fitness was the main reason behind his rise to the top.

"It was not so much his change in fitness that directly translated to his rise to the top, but his attitude towards his fitness, and thus to himself and his game, that was the real catalyst to go from good to great," Upton said.

"I’m guessing one of the turning points came when Virat realised he was slightly overweight and only averagely fit, and that if he wanted to be one of the best in the world, he needed to also be one of the physically fittest in the world."

Kohli currently stands as the top-ranked ODI batsman in ICC rankings and second on the Test rankings. 

Paddy Upton recalls Virat Kohli's 'good to great' transformation