Karachi Kings’ Chris Jordan narrates experience of final few days of PSL 2020

Karachi Kings’ Chris Jordan narrates experience of last few days of PSL 2020

By Web Desk
March 26, 2020

England and Karachi Kings all-rounder Chris Jordan has revealed that he was not in a state of panic during the last few days of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was still under control when he was in Pakistan, and the authorities were constantly updating the players.

Jordan was among the foreign players who had not opted to leave Pakistan when the news of the virus first emerged. In fact, he left only after the tournament was suspended, following reports that his teammate Alex Hales had developed symptoms of the virus.

“It was up to each person to make their own decision and everyone has their own scenario – be it their family or their kids. It wasn’t a case of ‘one go, all go’ or ‘one stay, all stay’,” Jordan is quoted as saying by PA news agency. “Pretty much all the other cricket was gone in the end, everything, but the cases in Pakistan were still minimal. In the end the questions you had to answer were about what if things move quickly back in England, could we get back? I always felt if anything was happening we would get notified early.”

He then explained what happened once teammate and compatriot Alex Hales started feeling sick.

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“I spoke to Alex when he began to feel unwell, he contacted the guys in our team to let them know what he was experiencing and from there things moved pretty quickly,” he told PA news agency. “We took the test, but I wasn’t overly concerned because I had been following it quite closely. I knew it could take anyone down but also that there has been many more recoveries.

“Once I had an understanding of how it was attacking people and who was most vulnerable to it, I tried to stay pretty calm about it. Some people who have had it don’t show symptoms so it was important that I knew so that I could keep myself to myself.”