Ramiz Raja outs Alex Hales as player with purported coronavirus symptoms

PSL 2020: Ramiz Raja outs Alex Hales as player with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms

By Web Desk
March 17, 2020

Karachi Kings and England batsman Alex Hales has reportedly shown symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) upon his return to London after taking part in the unfinished Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020, according to senior broadcaster Ramiz Raja.

Raja, in a video widely shared on Twitter, said that Hales may have contracted the virus, hinting that that necessitated the need for the league's postponement earlier in the day.

"The news coming in right now is that maybe Alex Hales is showing symptoms and he is being tested because of which this problem has risen," Raja said.

"We (the broadcasters) also have our tests in the next two hours." 

Raja, later in the day, gave an update, saying that Hales had not been tested and was merely in self-quarantine. 

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Wasim Khan did not officially divulge Hales' name, although the Englishman did fit the description of the overseas player he said had shown symptoms of the infection.

"The overseas player who had the symptoms has already left Pakistan," Wasim said. "The PSL 2020 was postponed due to this development," he added.