Fitness Tests begin across Pakistan on Mohsin Naqvi's instruction

The tests has started from the district well

July 07, 2024
Local cricketers taking part in fitness test.- Author

LAHORE: In a significant move to enhance the fitness standards of cricketers on PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi's instruction, the fitness test campaign across Pakistan has started.

The fitness test series, which has already begun in Lahore, is now being implemented at the district level as well. These tests are a prerequisite for players aspiring to participate in the upcoming inter-district tournament. During the trials, four specific tests are conducted to evaluate the fitness levels of the players.

Chairman Naqvi has also announced the introduction of additional tests at the regional level, further broadening the scope of this initiative. Only those players who pass these rigorous fitness trials will be eligible to join the fitness camps.

In the inter-district tournament, 22 players have been selected based on their performance. These selected players will receive focused training on fielding, fitness, and technique in the upcoming camps.

Over the next 45 days, 101 training camps will be set up nationwide. This marks the first time in the country's history that fitness camps are being organised at the district level, demonstrating the PCB's commitment to fitness as a top priority.

Chairman Naqvi emphasised the importance of fitness at every level, stating that fitness trials will be conducted regularly to maintain high standards. He assured that practical measures are in place to ensure complete transparency and merit in both the fitness trials and the subsequent camps.

"Fitness is the top priority, and there will be fitness trials at every level. Practical measures are being taken to ensure complete transparency and merit in the fitness trials and camps.

"The series of fitness trials will continue regularly," he concluded.

Remember, the Director of Domestic Cricket, Khurram Niazi, has approved a plan to improve fitness. Players who fail the fitness tests will be dropped not only from the national team but also from regional teams.

Niazi has made regional contracts and team selection conditional on passing fitness tests.

Test cricketers, international cricketers, and national cricketers must pass all fitness tests, including the Yo-Yo test.

Sohail Imran is a senior reporter for Geo News.