Kumar Sangakkara says MCC visit will erase perception that Pakistan is unsafe

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Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) President Kumar Sangakkara has said that his side not only intends to win the tour matches but it is also looking to dismiss the notion of Pakistan as an unsafe cricketing nation.

Sangakkara, while addressing a press conference on Thursday, insisted that the MCC team were keen on winning against a tough line-up. 

"MCC are very competitive and we will hopefully win some games against a great and tough opposition," he said.

Calling Pakistan as one of the "best cricketing destinations", Sangakkara insisted that the tour intended to spread a positive message regarding the safety in the country.

"I think the steps that Pakistan has taken in terms of security have amped up confidence for more international sides to tour the country. It is now harder to ignore the message that Pakistan is a safe country."

When asked what his message was to other reluctant cricketing nations, the MCC president said that his side looked towards silencing critics with their performance. 

"Rather than giving a direct message, I think the best way to send that message is by the way we play and the experience they get by watching us play," said the former Sri Lankan skipper. "The MCC being here addresses the concerns that other cricketing nations held."

Sangakkara also visited Lahore's Gaddafi Stadium to relive the moment of being on the honours board for a double century in the Asian Test Championship final in 2001.

The MCC will open its week-long tour with a 20-over match against Lahore Qalandars at the Gaddafi Stadium on February 13.

Kumar Sangakkara says MCC visit will erase perception that Pakistan is unsaf