Rafael Nadal, 22-time Grand Slam champion, is all set to make comeback in Olympics 2024

The Spanish tennis player will be playing at the Olympics in Paris

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
Rafael Nadal has recovered and is all set to make a comeback. -AFP

Famous tennis player Rafael Nadal has recovered and is all set to make a comeback after struggling with injuries. He is enjoying playing tennis once more. Nadal also explained why the tennis player did not want a farewell ceremony at the French Open (Roland Garros) this year.

The 14-time French Open title winner has recently faced a defeat in the first round by Alexander Zverev in Paris. Despite this, Nadal is more optimistic about his fitness and is enjoying playing tennis again.

“I want to give myself a chance to see if my physique remains at this level or if it is only a temporary moment and that it starts to go wrong again. I give myself time to see how I will feel after the Olympic Games, and then we will see what will happen and what decisions I will make,” he said.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion will not be appearing at Wimbledon this year to focus on staying healthy for the Olympics on (July 26) in Paris, which are also played on clay courts like Roland Garros.

“With this goal, we believe that the best for my body is not to change surfaces and keep playing on clay until then. It’s for this reason that I will miss playing at the Championships this year at Wimbledon. I am saddened not to be able to live in the great atmosphere of this year,” Nadal said.

Speaking to L’Equipe about the cancellation of the farewell ceremony at the French Open, the Spaniard said: “At first, I said, ‘OK, let’s go!’ But at the last minute, I said I didn’t want it; that’s the truth. It would have bothered me to announce that it was the last time I was playing the tournament, knowing that I did not have the opportunity to prepare as I would have liked.”

He continued, “And nothing prevents them from waiting a year. If the tribute takes place and I am retired, I will go there as a retiree. And if I still play, I will obviously be present. I preferred not to live with the idea that they had to pay tribute to me, because it was practically forcing me not to play here again, and I was not ready at that time,” he concluded.

Nadal’s future is yet to be confirmed; however, he is all set for competitive tennis at the ATP 250 tournament in Bastad on (July 15).